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Aluminium windows Greece – Who we are

aluminium windows Greece



A company associated with 17 years of friendship. We prefer to have permanent and competent executives, rather than armies of semi-educators trained in our own back and your own … home. If we want to talk about consistent quality of construction ( Aluminium windows Greece ) and respect for the customer, permanent qualified executives are required, with knowledge gained day by day.


Each of us has years of experience in the construction of frames and in various types (plastic frames, aluminum frames, gear companies). Our constructions were born from the collaboration of these spaces and their combination.


By coincidence (?) We have all traveled a great deal, except for our “father” who believes that Sivota Thesprotia is a combination of Asian jungle, Caribbean island and Patagonia steppe! Our love of travel and window frames have given birth to photo frames with special frames from around the world that could give you dozens of ideas, creations with old wooden shutters painted or as office partitions, but mainly fuel ideas for new ways of opening and building. .


Aluminium windows in Greece (due to the sunshine and the variety of openings) are not a mass consumer product. On the contrary, it could be described as handmade, and like any handmade product, it requires patience and persistence in detail to have a character. Do you consider it withdrawn? Ask the individual who bought aluminum frames worth 45000 €, he was trained for a month to choose the appropriate shade of wood and in the first rain the trusted “craftsman” advised him to put a towel under the kitchen door to stop them. waters because … that’s what they do! We believe that jobs, like people, are judged in detail because every person’s work is always a portrait of himself.

how do we think …

GREEK Aluminium windows Greece

We believe and trust our home. Our frames are manufactured in Greece from aluminum profiles, which is the 3rd exportable product of our country (aluminum plates). This is how we manufacture Greek aluminum frames, from Greek hands, helping our economy and ourselves with a product that has nothing to envy from the windows produced worldwide and in most cases even exceeds them.


You pay us to think about you. Without imposing what we want to sell, but passing on all our knowledge and through dialogue, the product that suits you best depends on the money you intend to invest. If you ask us again to build something that is proving problematic … we will simply disagree and will not. We said … every man’s work …


We have been called upon dozens of times by individuals to ask us how much a 100 x 100 window does, and once we tell them a cost to hang up without asking what exactly we have offered (profiles, mechanisms, glazing). The same consumer, when choosing to buy his car, did not get a report asking how much it costs. On the contrary, in the process of finding the right car (which costs less money than aluminum windows, it will use it less often and for less years), it took less than a month to search for features, horsepower, fuel consumption and even the type of windshield, but he didn’t bother to ask what glass we offered him in the frames. Still, the consumer himself went to Test-Drive in the candidate car but never got to see the aluminum frames he was going to buy. We have the best value for money for the frames we need and want to produce.


As a well-known Multinational Manager recently said, the companies that stay and evolve are those who love their customers. Customer love means a high level of product you produce, respect for the money the other person spends on acquiring it, but also a particularity in what you create to be able to stand out from the thousands of manufacturers that produce “the same” frames. with “similar” raw material.


We want to resell. By buying an aluminum window you buy a product that you will use daily for the next few decades. The existence of a repair shop and its immediacy creates delighted repeat customers who are the best advertising. We want to sell again and try for it.

how do we work…


The relationships of the manufacturers of frames and consumers have become very special. Due to the many replacements consumers are called upon to open their homes to manufacturers.

Follow the link to see photos from Aluminium windows Greece


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